Not With That Attitude You're Not!

I know you have heard this before... "Not with that attitude you're not". But I bet you never really paid it any attention. I am here today to share with you that this is one of the most powerful lessons you will ever learn.

When I first learned about The Law of Attraction there was one thing that always made me wonder. The definition of the Law of Attraction states... "I attract to my life and business whatever I give my attention energy and focus to, whether good for me not." That in itself is pretty self explanatory... think about it and attract it. What I didn't understand completely was the whole DON'T, NOT and NO thing. When I say I don't want something I am actually attracting because I am giving it attention, energy and focus. So If I say I don't want money wouldn't I then attract money because I am thinking about money. The answer is it's all in your attitude towards money.

When you use the words DON'T, NOT and NO you are giving attention to that which you say you didn't want. But if you try and use the same trick towards things you do want it doesn't work because the vibration you are sending off is negative. You cannot send off a reverse vibration. The universal Law of Attraction respond by matching your vibration and sending more of the same. So if you are sending off a negative vibration about your grumpy boss you will see more of your grumpy boss. If you are sending out a negative vibration about money it will match that and send you negative result around money. This works with any area of your life. The Law of Attraction is not really all that smart... it's only job is to match, not to decide if it's good for you or not, or if you want it or not, or if you are trying to fool it. It only matches the vibe you are sending out about a particular area of your life.

So maybe you need an attitude adjustment, Because a negative attitude will always get you a negative result. The good thing is you are in total control of your attitude. Sure you can let outside influences affect your attitude, but that too is in your control. You do not have to let any outside influences affect you, just stay focused on the things you want in a positive way.

Adjust your attitude if it's negative. When it comes to manifesting your goals and dreams if you have a negative attitude, I promise .. Not with that attitude you're not.

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