You're Not Committed till You're Crazy

Yep! I said it!

Look the fact is you can all sorts of dreams and goals and desires but they will take a lot longer to manifest if you continue to split your attention between them all. You have to decide which 1 single goal is the most important. That is, which 1 desire is your priority. You see the Law of Attraction works with you to attract to your self what ever you give your attention, energy and, focus to. If you give your attention, energy and focus to 10, 20 or 30 different things you are spreading it too thin. Yes, you will manifest everything you want, but a concentrated effort toward the most import desire will have it manifest more quickly.

So how do you know which to focus on. You will know by how you feel. You will know by the one thing that want that makes you CRAZY. When you feel the passion, you get that feeling in your gut of how your life will be with your desire fulfilled. When it's the only thing you can think about and not having does make you crazy. That is when you will know you are fully committed to it. You are not truly committed until you are crazy for it.

So I encourage you to take some time sort out the one thing that makes you crazy... get a clear picture of exactly what it is and why you want it. How your life or the lives of others will be when you achieve your goal. Work yourself into a frenzy, feel the feelings, smell it, touch it. If it's something you want to purchase go to the store or what ever place sells it and hold it, look at it. If it's a house go park in front of it (but not so long that it's creepy). If it's a car go drive it. I promise you, you will get to the point where not having it makes you crazy and that's when you know you're committed to having it and that passion along with the Law of Attraction will work to manifest your desire. Then you can move onto the next thing that drives you crazy. (And I mean Crazy in a good way).

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