Did The World End?

First thing this morning I woke up, ran outside and took a look around... everything seemed okay. The next thing I did was log onto google earth to see if the rest of the world was okay and it was. Whew!!!

The thing is there were some very smart people with some very good arguments that this could be the end of the world. If you were to listen to them you might have had a very small piece of you wondering if could happen. And the answer was yes it could happen. It could happen any time. I hear of stories with people having near death experiences and it changed their lives forever. |This could have been one of those times for the entire planet. We may have just escaped a deadly experience. I would hope that some people actually understand that and use this "Non-Event" to change their world.

As I wrote yesterday... I was kinda hoping it would end (Certain parts of it) and I kinda still am hoping. I hope that the world of greed and hatred ends. I hope that all the pieces and parts, that are not ideal in your world, end. I hope you use this as an experience to do and be better, to and for the entire planet. If you ever wanted a second chance to do the right thing or do better or live your dream or create dreams for others, here you go.. handed to you when you woke up and the world was still here. Make the most of it!

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