End Of The World

I kinda hope so! There are so many theories and ideas about tomorrow being the end of the world. I have done a little research and even watched the movie and I can only hope the world (as we know it) ends.

Keep in mind as you read this that it is already Dec 12 2012 (12-12-12)in other places around the world and I have heard from people there.

I have said for years that I kinda hope the world ends on Dec 12 2012. I am not talking about a catastrophic, devastating end to all life or an explosion or asteroid hitting the earth. If I believed that, I would likely be doing something completely different right now... and if you believed that I doubt you would be reading this. You would likely be spending time with the most important people in your life.

I believe and hope as many others do... that there will be an awakening, that people may realize that one day (for them) the end of this world will come. I would not suggest anyone dwell on that but just be aware. We have the gift of time and eventually it will expire so we must make the most of it. If the world ended on Friday and you had to write a report on what you accomplished in your life... the lives you changed... the achievements of your time here, would it be worth reading? For all the time that you have had here, how will the next generation benefit? This is a great time reflect.

If your answer is not what you want it to be, when is now the right time to make the change? What could you do differently NOW to make yourself and the world better? What small or big contribution can you make, have you wanted to make? You still have time... in order to fullfill your dream you have to wake up. We all could do better... and the better we do for ourselves and others the better we do for the whole. We all could care more about each other. There is enough of everything on the planet to create global peace and joy.

There is enough money, food and clean water. There are enough hands to reach out build homes and plant fields.

I'm no scientist, so I don't know about any planetary catastrophe, I am an optimist and hope that political will changes, to do better by people. I hope the world of greed will end and a certain level of equality happens. I hope the wealthy spread the wealth, not just monetary wealthy but the wealth of knowledge and love. I Hope respect for life, all life, boils up and there can be a greater level of peace.

There are some great things in this world and there are some not so great things, so I hope the world ends as we know it and we wake up to our true potential. Just sayin'

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