What Happens in 2012 Stays in 2012

I talk a lot about acting on your desires NOW. I have a watch with no numbers or hands and the faceplate just says NOW. However I have clients who tell me they don't have time NOW. They have other things to do, other priorities and obligations. Then when I call them up for a coaching session they are watching TV or searching You tube for stupid human tricks.

Here`s the thing, when I say NOW is the time to get started on your goal Ii am not necessary talking about taking physical action (Although that would be great) I am talking about giving your goal or desire attention, energy and focus NOW. I bring this up because there is a date coming up that many people will make changes in their lives... NEW YEAR`S DAY. They will resolve to make their life better, spend more time with loved ones, lose weight, stop smoking, exercise more.... The list is as varied as there are people. I do get a chuckle out of the fact that people wait to do these things when they could start now, but I also understand that life change can take some planning.

To make real change you need a strategy, a plan, a path to follow. A New Year`s Resolution is a great thing. Why not start the New Year with goal. After all it`s a clean slate a fresh start to your ideal life, what happened in 2012 stays in 2012. So the fact you need a plan means you can start now to determine what you New Year`s Resolution will be. Start to give it some attention. Make it Positive, practical and achievable. If you start focusing on it now you will build some momentum towards Jan 1 and will have put a lot of things in place to succeed. Maybe you go buy a Gym membership and post date the start date to Jan 1, Maybe you clean out your fridge and cupboards of all the crap. Don`t make the mistake many people make and say to yourself `I will diet in the new year so I will stuff myself with treats now, that will just make it harder in the new year.

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