Anything vs Everything

Someone the other day told me I can do anything but not everything. It got me thinking ... could this be true and what really is the difference.

I have been a practitioner of the Law of Attraction and other Universal laws for more than 25 years. I was a practitioner of the fundamentals long before I knew there was name for them. And according to the Law of Attraction whatever I give my attention energy and focus to I will attract. I can attract anything, but can I attract everything?

We attract things into our lives through our thoughts. which send a vibration or frequency and that is matched by Universal energy and that brings us our result, whether good for us or not. So it's important then to keep our thoughts on the things we want and not the things we don't.

Our thoughts will move us into action towards the attainment of our goal. The more energy we put into our thought the more energy we will put into our action.

So back to anything VS everything... is it true then than anything we do can change the course of our lives forever... or is it true that everything we do changes the course of our lives for ever? I believe the power is knowing the latter is true. While it is true that anything you do can change you life, it is more powerful to recognize that Everything you do does not just have the potential but it actually does change the course of your life. Every thought you have, every action you take. If your thoughts take you off the path to your goal it changes the time it will take you to achieve success and that changes the amount of time you have to enjoy your success and share that success with others. Every action you take will take you in a particular direction towards or away from your goal.

Back to the question from the second paragraph. The answer is yes I can attract anything and I can attract everything, but I don't want everything. And that is the beauty of the whole thing. Not everyone wants the same things.. Not everyone wants everything. In fact I have never met a person that wants everything ( I mean what would you do with rhino) You can in fact attract everything you want... and that is a big difference from attracting everything in it's entirety.

Everything you do affects everything you have and every goal you want to achieve.

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