Look Where Your Ears Are

I have heard it said that "The Creator" did not invent eye glasses but what a great coincidence your ears are where they are. Now that is certainly one way of looking at it... but the truth is it just proves how creative we are, how we can take what we have and use it to it's best ability.

That what this blog is about... using what you have to advance your self and, in turn, everything else... as we are all connected. The person responsible for inventing eye glasses looked at what they had to work with asked it there was a better way to allow people to see and fashioned glasses as we know them today. A couple of hooks around the ears to keep them on and a place for your nose, on which the glasses would rest.

We can look at that and apply it to all things in life... work with what we have to work with. Ask the right questions and listen to the answers. When we do this to solve our situations it will eventually lead to better and better solutions for the same situations. As we have using, less than perfect, eyesight in this example.. we can now go in for a quick and painless treatment and have our eyesight corrected with near perfect results. And the need for eye glasses for many is a thing of the past.

So if you are in the middle of a situation and need to find an answer to a problem, look around you, look at what you have to work with, who you have that you can count on for help and go for it. Think outside the box and there is likely more than one way to get to where you want to go. Just looking at eye glasses again... as an example... it could have been something that people had to hold up to their face whenever they needed them. That would make steering a car and changing gears nearly impossible if one or both hands were occupied with your glasses. Look around what do you have that you can use to solve the situation... is it a situation that needs solving?

|People have been solving big and small problems with their thoughts forever. Take some time look at it from every angle. Ask questions of your self and listen to the answers.

Even if for many people the need for glasses is in the past, trust me when I tell you that your ears will still support your clear vision.

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