Time is on Your Side

" I don't have time"... "There are not enough hours in the day"... "Who has the time to do that?"... "Where am I supposed to find the time?"

I have a feeling most people use one of these phrases at once a day. I have coaching clients who tell me they don't have time to make a contrast list or there is not enough time in a day to focus on the goals. And I will say they are partly right. You see if you believe you do not have enough time to do what needs to be done to get what you want then you will not find the time or create the time. But have good news.

After hearing all these excuses I did some research. Did you know that 100 years ago (1912) the average life span of a human being was about 53 years. That's right just 100 years ago people could expect to live to the ripe young age of just 53. Today however that number approximately 78 years... that means people are living 50% longer now than they were just 100 years ago. And the news gets even better... The longer you live... the longer you will live. Say yes if you love that. What that means is if you reach the age of 65 you will likely live another 18 years....and if you reach the age of 75 you will likely live another another 9+ years. And that number is likely to go up with the advances we are making in health and wellness. Here's something else I found... those born today will likely live to be more than 100 years old.

So if you think about all the things that people before us were able to accomplish with a minimum 25 years fewer years to do it in... should you really be saying you don't have time.

The truth is you do have the time, you have just placed things lower on your priority list and that's OK. Because we know we attract what we think about, if we think about a lack of time that is what we get... less time. Discover the real reason things are not getting done, due to a perceived lack of time, and be honest with yourself. If it's not important enough to you that's OK, do the things that are... but don't use time as an excuse. You have more time than any other generation before you. Time is on your side.

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