U Turn Permitted

I was in a one on one coaching session the other day and my client asked my how important it is that the goal or vision for what they wanted was crystal clear... every detail accounted for... every aspect of the goal defined. I told my client it is essential that you have a crystal clear defined goal, dream, vision. Right down to the color of the fence of your dream house, Right down to the trees your hammock will be strung between, right down to the shoes your ideal partner will wearing when you meet. My client then asked if that does not place limits or blinders on to all the other possibilities and opportunities that could come their way. The answer is YES!

I think it is crucial that you have a plan, a picture, a specific goal that you want to achieve. Like I said right down to the very last detail. Then give that all the attention energy and focus you can. I also think it's crucial to be aware of the symbolism that is present in your journey to achieve your goals and dreams. You must know what you want before you can even begin to attract it. The smallest detail left out of your ideal life or whatever will open the door for something you don't want to be show up. I have said it before... does you ideal partner have teeth... then put it on your list.

What you want in your ideal life may (and likely will) change and that's OK, You have to be open to that. Something or someone may show up in your life that is even better than all the things you put on the list of your ideal. There may be characteristic that you never thought of or never even knew existed when you made your list. You will find the journey to your ideal is a learning experience. This is your list... of your ideal you can add, change or delete any detail you want whenever you want. If you have an ideal dream car and find out it comes with an option you had never heard of before but think it would be great... change your list to include it. If you find out your dream car has the worst ratings of any vehicle ever built you may want to make a U TURN and completely change your ideal.

The point here is figure out what you really want, define it exactly and go for it.,.. if something happens along the way that would make for a better option ... go for that. Be open to everything while focusing on your dreams... you may not have had all the information when initially set out to acquire your ideal.

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