Aye, Aye, Aye

Or should I say I, I, I? As my wife and I were having our Sunday morning coffee and flipping through all the Christmas shopping flyer's..her response was "aye aye aye". One of the flyer's was called "last minute gift ideas" in it the suggestions were I-phone,- I Pad, I pod, and other various electronics most of which were in the hundreds of dollars.

She is not very tech-savvy and does not care to be. She doesn't know the difference between the 3 "I's" and doesn't care too. At that point our conversation turned how commercial Christmas has become. And of course that lead to the topic of how so many people have lost touch with what Christmas means. Or have they? Maybe the new Christmas is an I-Christmas or E-Christmas or Cyber-Christmas. Maybe it's more about getting connected through Skype than actually sitting down and enjoying real face to face time (Not facetime) with family and friends. For the price of all this "stuff" you could likely take the family on a vacation or travel to see your family if you live in a different city.

The list of last minute gifts included Smart-tv's, Laptops and blue-ray players. I would bet that your family and friends would be much happier if you gave them dedicated time, real time spent with them chatting about things that are important ton them. Quality time will always be worth more than any e-gift you can give. And trust me on this one... the memories you can create will far outlast any "thing" else that might wind up under your tree. I will also suggest that a new model with newer, better features will come out in 3 months and make your gift of time obsolete. Chances are if the people you want to buy for want those things they have them or have thought of a way to get them.

I am sure most people sit around and talk about this topic and some will commit to actually doing it. Most people know that time is our most valuable gift and It can be easy... set a limit on spending.. dare I say $50.00 or $100.00 and then invest your time into the people you care about rather than your money. 3 things may happen, you create a life long memory, you start a new family tradition and your bank account will thank you in January.

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