Certificate Of Achievement

Yesterday I walked into the office of one of my clients and couldn't help but notice several Certificates of Achievement and Certificates of Appreciation on her wall. I thought this was a great idea. Some of these were for her performance at her job and training she had taken. There was couple from charitable organization, thanking her for her contributions. I started to ask her about them and she was more than happy to tell me why she has them.

I walk into a lot of offices in throughout my day and rarely see this type of display. I work with a lot of successful people who contribute greatly to the community, so I am sure they have received several of these types of Certificates. It leads me to believe that most tend to just put them in a file or even in the garbage. They certainly do not display them with the pride they should. So it got me thinking...

Why not display these types of accolades. People take the time to make these tokens of appreciation or acknowledgement for you. These certificates are a show of gratitude towards you or recognize your skills and contributions. Wouldn't it be great to walk into your office or cubicle or whatever your daily work space is and see how much you have accomplished and the people or organization that are happy you are around. When I started talking to my client about all her certificates she started to beam, feel really good and was excited to tell me about them. This tells me there is meaning in being recognized.

Then I started thinking a little bit more... why don't we give these out to people who make a difference in our lives or who achieve things in theirs. Big or small things it really doesn't matter. We can make up our own Certificates and give them out. Give them for good reasons to acknowledge the contributions of others in our daily lives. Give a Certificate to the second highest producer in the company, because they showed up, gave a great effort and second place it better than not participating at all. I think a Certificate of Appreciation may be better than a thank you card because it can be displayed on a wall with some level of pride... it's different and thoughtful. People in your world may think it's weird at first, but I promise you when you leave the room after giving it to them they think about it and be grateful.

Do one today and maybe do two more tomorrow. If you don't know where to start I can help with that too. But before I do... please share this with your entire social network....

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