Defining Your Victory

When I conduct a seminar on Law of Attraction or when I am coaching clients, one the main questions I ask is "What do you want?" I find myself asking that question more and more of people I talk to on a daily basis.

I'm sure you get this too, but 0ften people feel they can off load all of their day or week onto me. They start to tell me all the things that are happening to them that DON'T want to happen. When this happens I protect myself and my positive vibration by simply asking them "So what do you want?" But sometimes that is not enough for people.

I think it is very important to know what you want, but I also think it it very important to know WHY you want it. I have found recently that, for many, figuring out why they want what they want often changes what they want.

Here's a quick, simple way to figure out if what you want is truly what you want. Define what your victory looks like. This is different from a contrast list in that it it ask the question... why? A contract list can give you a clear picture of what you want by observing what you don't want and finding the opposite. Once that is done, ask yourself why you want that. What is the feeling you looking for by it's acquisition, what will you gain by having this, where will having this (whatever) take you, do you really want this or is it a stepping stone to something bigger and better? Ultimately you figure out if what is on your contrast list is a victory or if it's just another stop on the road to your victory.

This will lead you to actually visualizing life the way you want. When you get clear on your definition of the win or victory you will see yourself with the victory (whatever that is for you) and you will actually be able to see it, smell it, hear it. If you have not defined what your ultimate victory looks like how will you know when you get there. So take some time and write it out... what are people saying about you when you achieve your goal, what feeling do you have, where are you living, who is in your social circle, what shoes are you wearing... are you even wearing shoes, what other opportunities are open to you as a result of your victory.

Can you see it? Go ahead define your Victory!

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