Going Against the Current

So, at the last meet up I attended one of the topics brought up was going against the current or paddling up stream so to speak. The concept of the discussion was that sometime it's a lot easier and lot more productive to go with the flow rather than constantly fighting the current by trying to paddle up stream. I believe that is good advice as quite often people who prefer to paddle up stream never really get anywhere. They never really lose any ground but they rarely gain any either. Eventually fatigue will set in and people paddling up stream will have to give way to the flow and see where it takes them, but in the meantime they have wasted a lot of time. Time is really what I wanted to write about today.

You see there is more than 1 meaning to the word current. The other meaning is of course to do with time. Going against this current may be, in my opinion, a bigger time waster and even more fatiguing. What I mean by that is you only have NOW. So for people who continue to live in the past and dwell on things that happened to them last month, last week or even last year, they are wasting time... going against the now (the current). The past is the past... there is nothing you can do to change what has happened you can only take this lessons from it and make the CURRENT better. Those who constantly worry about the future are wasting time because they are in complete control of what is going to happen in the future... they will make it whatever they want when the future becomes now. I'm not saying you should not think about the future or even plan for it, what I'm saying is... to worrying about it NOW goes against the Current.

You can really only control what is happening NOW, at the Current time. And you do that by controlling the words you use, that create the thoughts your think, that create the vibration you send out, that create the results you are getting. When you really think about it, you know you cannot control the thoughts you have already had, last week or last month and you cannot control the thoughts you are going to have next week or next month (at least you cannot control them from where you are currently.)

So stop going against the current, jump in the river and go with the flow... the Universe is hear to do you good....also stop going against the current, concentrate on the now and the future will flow smoothly.

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