What Will You Become?

I was having coffee yesterday with a friend and we had an interesting exchange. She is going back to school to finish up her education. She wants to get her Masters degree. I believe education is always a great idea.

While we were talking she was telling me about how much she had to do for the courses she was taking. She has a paper due and has to study for an exam, it seemed to be a bit stressful but well worth it. I asked her after all this was done and she had her Master degree... What will you become? She looked at me and thought about it for a minute and said "Nothing!"

A great answer I thought. She gets it! She understands that she has already become something. Education is great and I encourage it for everyone... with the understanding that the education alone does make you become something you are not already. You will not "become" something unless you apply it. There is something called Universal Intelligence in which all the answers we need are provided to us when we need them. It may not be through our own person education or skills that we get the answers, we may meet someone that has the answers we are seeking. Formal eduction doesn't make you "become" something other smarter in your particular field of study. And the good news is you don't have to become something.

You are already something. Something very special with unique talents and insights. Something that brings peace and happiness to those around you. In fact you are something much bigger than you realize. Last night I attended a meetup group in Kelowna and the topic was Oneness. When you understand oneness and that what you do affects everything and everyone in the world to some degree, you realize that you are part of something much bigger. What's good for one is good for all... including yourself.

Celebrate the fact that you have "become" something just by being.

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