Motivation vs Inspiration

There are many motivational speakers in the world and I am grateful for that. There really is room for all those who want to motivate people to achieve their highest goals. Each motivational speaker has their own delivery, message and style. Finding one that works for you is like finding a great relationship. When you click with someone that can motivate you towards your goals stick with them and call on them frequently to keep you on track. It seems "Motivation speaker" has become a generic term for those who speak in front of groups with a positive message. Similar to the way Kleenex is used for tissue and roller baldes is used for in-line skates. Not all great speakers are motivational speakers

There are also some great Inspiration speakers in the world and I am grateful for that. There is a difference between those that can motivate you and those that can inspire you. I prefer to think of myself as an inspirational speaker and I will tell you why.

Motivation can come from many sources and not all of them are necessarily positive. There are as many different ways to motivate someone as there are people. Some people are motivated by money, some by sex and some praise for a job well done. Some people are only motivated when things get so bad that they have to change. Some people are motivated by threats... threats to their job or another area of their life. As an inspirational speaker I hope that I motivate people to make positive change in their life, but truth be told it's very difficult to motivate anyone if you don't know their motives. It's an important first step when trying to motivate people that you know why they need to be motivated and why they want it. There are as many motives as there are people.

I believe, to inspire people is a much better starting point. Inspiration, for me, is always positive. To be inspired means something positive has moved you to action. Inspiration comes from something inside of people, that as a speaker and coach I help to encourage to come out. Inspiring people is more to do with looking within to find a goal and real belief that almost all things are possible. To be inspired is to feel joy and love, to feel gratitude and respect.

The difference between Motivation and Inspiration is.... Motivation is a thing and Inspiration is a feeling. With motivation you are moved to action by what you will get or perhaps avoid getting as a result of your actions (that can be a good thing too)... with Inspiration you are moved to action by how you will feel as a result of your action and we know that the Law of Attraction acts on how you feel.

I encourage you to find your Inspiration whatever that might be for you.

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