BYOB= Bring your Own Beliefs

This may sound strange but there are some people out there that don't believe there own beliefs. What I mean by that is they have not set, for them, what are believable attainable goals.

When this happens you will find the Law of attraction moves at a snails pace if at all. One of the keys to getting the ideal life is to believe that it is possible. We know that virtually everything is possible but believing it to the core can be a challenge.

When this happens many Law of Attraction practitioners call it a limiting belief. That is to say that you believe that your goal (that you believe in) is perhaps unattainable. I told you it may sound strange. It's great to have goals, but every once in a while doubt creeps in. Maybe it's taking too long to get what you want, maybe you feel you don't deserve it, maybe you feel it's too much work. Whatever the reason doubt has crept in and you have a limiting belief.

The best way I have found to BYOB Believe your own beliefs is to find proof, evidence that your ideal "whatever" is possible and that others around have been able to acquire it. The more proof you find that your ideal "whatever" is possible the more belief you will have in your ability to attract it. The evidence is out there, look to your mentors, look to the people who have a life or material world that you would like to have. Ask Questions, ask how they did it. Remember they were once like you wanting the ideal life or whatever and they got it. You don't have to re-invent the wheel you just have to believe.

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