Life's Workout

Ever notice how sometimes life lessons just come to you, or something you heard a long time ago suddenly makes sense. Way back when I heard a quote about life being a journey not a destination, I thought yep that makes sense, then today when I was at the gym I sudden got what it means (at least for me).

So I was doing a triceps workout today and while I was doing it, it hits me, that whole life is a journey thing. It occurred to me that it does not matter where you start or where you finish, the real work and the real gains are made in the in between. It's what you do between the start and the finish that will make a real difference.

For example, I was doing a triceps press-down, which involves a rope that you grab onto with both hands... the rope is attached to a cable which runs through a pulley that is over your head and then is a attached to stack of weights. The idea is to stand there with a 90 degree bend in your arm at the elbow and the while holding the rope... straighten your arm till your hands are at your hips, thus flexing your triceps. A great exercise for the triceps. Here it is though, I could stand there at the ready with my arms at 90 degrees, the starting position, and never achieve anything. I could also do one repetition and never return to the start position and never really get any benefit (although there is something to be said for an isometric contraction) , the real benefit of the exercise is in the dynamic movement or motion of going from the starting position to the finish position. Not much if anything is gained by not moving repeatedly.

The same is true of life. Life is a journey not a destination. It's what happens between where you start and where you finish that makes you stronger, makes you able to handle anything that may come up, gives you the ability to do more. So if you want to get stronger in your life, if you want to make gains in your life, do the exercise... MOVE... head towards goal which is the finishing position, but remember it's not acquiring the goal that make you stronger, it's everything that happens between where you start and where you wind up.

Now go do Life's workout! And please share this with your entire social network.

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