Faith Hill (not the singer)

Everyday I wake up and think to myself, what am I going to blog about today. What life experience have I had since yesterday's blog? What life lesson can I share? And everyday after a little reflection something comes to me that I hope is worthy of your time.

I have Faith that everyday something will come to me. That everyday something will happen that will teach me something, show me a better way to reach my goals. I have been writing a blog everyday (except Saturdays) since July 5th of this year. In total since this blog started I have more than 500 entries (before July 5th they were just great motivational quotes). So far my faith that something will come to me has proven pretty effective.

It seems to me that a lot of people I talk to have a tough time with this. For some faith is a mountain for others it's a hill. Many of the people I coach believe that you have to figure out how things are going to happen and then create a path to achieve. The truth is it is great to have a plan and work it, but you have to have faith that everything will work out. Sometimes the plan you make will not necessarily be the best plan and you will have to change direction. You will usually know when this happens when challenges are put before you and you are forced to detour from your plan. Faith needs to be applied in these situations. Faith that the Universe is conspiring to do you good. Faith requires that you let go and trust that things will be OK. Even if you can't see it working out, faith will show you it will. I read a quote once that went something like this. Faith is knowing there is an Ocean because you can see the river.

You do not have to be a figure(er) outer. It's great to make a plan, know what you want, give attention energy and focus and then believe (have faith) that ii will happen. In other words let the Law of attraction figure it out, trust that if you are detoured off YOUR plan that it is for your own benefit. If "Faith Hill" becomes an obstacle... climb it and enjoy the view.

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