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This blog inspiration comes from my local gym. I always like to give to give credit to those who inspire me and those whose words I try to live by. The credit here goes to Good Life Fitness.

The other day while my wife and I were at the gym, she was doing a group fitness class and I was in the weight room, I had finished a few minutes earlier than she. At our gym they have a lounge area with a number of bar tables and chairs. I was waiting for her class to finish up and recovering from my workout. On each table they have a stack of helpful information sheets about staying healthy and staying in shape. One in particular caught my eye because of it's simplicity. I think it is a great place for anyone to start , whether on a health and fitness program or any goal they want to achieve.

The document was called the success checklist. On it was:

A place to put your goal

A date to achieve the goal by

A plan to make it a habit ( this included how much time you put aside each day of the week to give your goal attention, energy and focus)

A support system ( a place to put the people and tools you can use to keep you on track).

This is a great simple way to start gaining focus on whatever your goal is. What I particularly like about this document is the Plan to make it a habit. The days of the week are listed and the time you will invest each day to make your goal a success (30,60,90min). The idea is to spend to time everyday working towards your goal, and to put a plan together that makes it realistic for you. Can you spend 30 minutes a day Monday, Wednesday and Friday and maybe spend 60 minutes on Tuesday and Thursday and then on Saturday take 90 minutes out of your day to achieve you goal. If you can that's great, make a plan that works for you and then stick to it.

The support system is also great, because there are times when you may feel unmotivated or tired and need that extra push to get to where you want to be. In this spot you write a phone number of someone that motivates you, or a quote that will keep you on track or a webpage address you can go to when you feel less motivated, maybe even a picture of your goal could be put here.

I hope you at least try a sheet like this to keep you on track to your ideal life.

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