Yes I Can't

It seems the older I get the more things I discover that I can't do. Now I know when it comes to motivational speaking and inspiration speaking we are supposed to tell the world that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. But in actual fact there are some things that I cannot do, and I have yet to find anyone that can. Now none of these things are necessarily life threatening, they are more just things to be aware of that will make you life more ideal.

1. Yes I can't, talk and listen at the same time. The fact is if I am talking I can hear, but I cannot listen. There is a definite difference. When I am talking I am focused on what I am saying and forming the next thought I am about to speak about. There is no room for me to actually listen to what might be being said at the same time as I am talking. I have yet to find someone who can do both. So what? Well what that means is if you are talking to someone about something important and they are talking at the same time, neither of you are communicating with the other. The person you are addressing is not listening. So one of you has to shut up. Even if you start to talk louder (BTW loudest talker never wins, they are just louder) your audience can hear you but are not listening.

2. Yes I can't, focus ALL my energy on more than 1 priority at a time. I have written about this before, but it's important too note that you can only have 1 priority. All the other things on your list of "priorities" fall 2nd, 3rd and 4th. By it's definition priority is singular. You can only have one. So it you are splitting your focus between two different but very important task... ALL your energy is not being concentrated on 1. (I'm not good at math but even I can figure that out). So the tip here is to determine what you are going to focus on... because that then becomes your #1 Priority. If the other things on your list do not manifest and you wonder why.. it's because you are not given them ALL the attention,energy and focus they deserve... they are not your priority. NOW YOU KNOW!

3. Yes I can't, Hold two different vibrations at the same time. This is great actually because we are in control of what vibration we hold. Vibration is just another words for feeling. We cannot feel good and feel bad at the same time. We cannot get a positive result from a negative vibe or feeling. We cannot get a negative result from a positive feeling. A good attitude gets a good result. I can change the results I am getting by changing the feelings I have and I am in control of how I feel. I have not found anyone that can hold two different vibrations at the exact same time. So... (you have heard this before) change you mind change your life.

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