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The Law of Attraction is kind of a tricky thing.. the four things we need to remember about the Law of Attraction is that it is important to monitor the words that we use because the words we use make up the thoughts we think, that make up the vibration that we send out, that create the results we get. But the other thing to remember is that it is also how we feel about the words we use. That is because the vibration we send is really the feeling we get from the thoughts, that are made up of the words. Tricky right?

So today as part of this Law of Attraction blog I thought I would share some words I hear people use a lot that may have a negative vibe and then how to fix that.

1. Accident- This is one that I recent wrote an entire blog on but I felt needed a little more attention. As mentioned in my previous blog post there are no Accident, everything that happens to you was meant to happen. An accident is something that was not supposed to happen. It's interesting that when something negative happens unexpectedly we call it an accident but when something pleasant or positive happens we call it happy . As we know also there really are no coincidences.. because everything that happens to you was meant to happen. So just try substituting coincidence in place of the word accident as see if that has a more positive feel.

2.Fault- We tend to use the word fault to blame people or ourselves for anything bad or anything that didn't go as we had hoped it would. The truth is whatever happened, happened exactly as you thought it would, which is not necessarily how you hoped it would. We always get what we think about, which is why we have to keep our mind on positive things and positive result. However when good things happen or we get positive results we give credit... credit where credit is due. I believe the words fault and "credit" are synonymous. Instead of saying it's my fault when something bad happens take credit for it... and when something good happens tell the word it's your fault. You see they mean the same... they both mean you are responsible for the result... one for a negative result and one for a positive result. Try switching them around and hopefully both will feel good to say.

3. Problem- This is one that most people already know. We all have problems, some more than others, some problems bigger than others. This word swap has been known for years. In every problem lies an opportunity. Every time you have a problem, you have an opportunity to either use the skills you have to solve it or learn new skills to help in solving the problem to make sure it doesn't happen again. Problems then are opportunity to show off you skills or to acquire new ones. Try substituting the word Opportunity in place of the word Problem and see if that doesn't feel more positive.

There may be words you already use in place of these or in place of others that have traditionally suggested a negative result, these are some of mine and I hope they work for you..

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