Accidents (Were Meant To) Happen

Something you may not have thought of is that accidents were actually meant to happen.

We have situations that comes up in our everyday life that seem to slow us down, cause us problem, create distractions or perhaps even injure us. These things are signs that perhaps we are on the wrong path. Or they may be events in our life that actually save us from experiencing even greater harm. Either way they have to be looked at in a whole new light. Some accidents are really harmless, like in the morning accidentally forgetting to put the coffee pot on the coffee maker and the fresh brew just pours out on the floor. Sure it's a heck of a mess but no harm done really. In an "accident" like this it is likely to slow you down for the day... makes you get a late start because now you have to clean up the mess and you still need to make coffee. This type of accident was meant to happen and you may never know why, but likely you will avoid being in a particular place at a particular time because of the delay. It may even mean you were not at the intersection that a person ran a red light and would have crashed into you. You may never know, but you have to believe that whatever happens likely is for your good.

You may get into a minor accident and get injured, perhaps you break you wrist or leg. Terrible I know, but again likely a sign that what you have been doing needs to change or that it's time to slow down and give your attention, energy and focus to something else. The fact the you are now forced to slow down (because your leg is broken) gives you the opportunity to investigate other things that you need to do. Even something as tragic as an elderly person slipping and breaking a hip could suggest that they need extra attention or care that is not being provided. Or they need to change their living circumstances. It is certainly telling us something that will eventually lead to something better.

As you know by now... I am an inverse paranoid... I believe the universe is conspiring to do me good. So with that knowledge I can move forward at look at each incident that happens to me, each "acccident" and wonder why it happened and what I am supposed to do with that. Sometimes there is nothing I need to do, the accident was just meant to slow me down so I avoid a bigger accident other times it teaches how not to do things. All in all it's pretty good.

The truth is there really are no accidents on the Universal Level. In fact the RCMP in the town I live have changed how they communicate as they have discovered there are no accidents. The now refer to and Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) as a Motor Vehicle Incident (MVI).

Look for the lessons in what accident you have had because accidents were meant to happen and if it was meant to happen it's not an accident.

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