Tomorrow Robins Will Sing

Today's blog title is actually the title of a Stevie Wonder song. I am a big fan of Stevie Wonder and of this song in particular. Before you go google the lyrics or for a YouTube video I will put links at the end of this blog.

I have written in previous blogs about how I like to surround myself with positive things. I have t-shirts that I bought from "Life is Good" ( another great site to visit) that simply say life is good... I also have their hats and coffee mugs. What better way to start the day with a cup of coffee that reminds "Life is good". I have inspirational words and poster in my home and I like to listen to music that inspires me. I encourage everyone to do this. By the way today's coffee mug actually says 'live life like a song" (it's from a Jimmy Buffett song)

The truth is every once in a while "stuff" happens that you never planned on..stuff that can be considered negative and can change your mood. As most of you know by now, you attract whatever you get, by the thoughts you think. Which is great information, but not very comforting when things are not the way you want them to be. When that happens you have to change your thoughts and that is not always easy because negative stimuli can be powerful if you let it.

This song is just one of the tools I wanted to share because it inspires me. It inspires me to look beyond the current and look at the future. Once I am in a thought pattern of the future the negative of the current situation fades. This song may not work for you... although I hope it does. If it doesn't I suggest you find one that does. And I suggest that you find other mood altering stimuli... I am not talking about drugs or alcohol, I am talking about people, places and things you love... words of inspiration... poetry... your pet. Everyone is different and has different things that change their mood. Find yours and use it often... as often as you need to.

Remember the Law of Attraction is always at working checking to see the vibration (mood) you're are sending off. The Law of Attractions only job is to match your vibration. If you catch yourself sending of a negative vibe. By any means necessary ( as long is it doesn't hurt yourself or anyone else) change your mood. Change your mood, change your vibe, change your result.

After all. No matter how bad things may seem at that moment... "Tomorrow... Robins Will Sing".... Go enjoy their singing.

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Stevie Wonder

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