A Boring Life?!

Someone asked me the other day, if life was somewhat boring because I have faith (using the Law of Attraction) that everything is always going to turn out. It is a very interesting question and one I had to think about.

It reminded me of a TV show I saw a whole lotta years ago called The Twilight Zone. In this particular episode a man had met an untimely death and was sent to heaven. In his heaven nothing could go wrong. He met all the right people, had more money than he could ever spend, would win at everything he did. He had people to cater to his every wish. He could never lose. He had an abundance of friends and material goods. After sometime living with this miracle of always getting what he wanted, he realized that there were no challenges left, there were no rewards because he had to put in no effort. He started to go a little crazy because his world was handed to him without any effort from him. He eventually went to talk to the caretaker of this heaven and asked how this could be heaven when there was no fulfillment, no challenges or triumphs because he knew that everything was his for the asking. The caretaker of his heaven responded by asking him... What makes you think this is heaven? and laughed an evil laugh.

I share this story because it's important to know that the Law of Attraction does not bring you everything you want, it does not always make your life without challenges. The Law of Attraction works with the words you use, that make up the thoughts you think, which create the vibration you send out, which create the results you get... good and bad. So the Law of Attraction does not decide for you whether what you are thinking about is what you want, it's only job is to match your vibration. If you have not figured out what you want and are still focusing on all the things you don't want, the Law will bring what you are focused on (That being what you don't want). The Law of Attraction leaves the choices up to you.

When you are presented with challenges in your life that is the Universe suggesting you take a look at the words you are using, the thoughts you are thinking, the vibration you are sending and the results you are getting. The Universe will Nudge you towards the Ideal life, but ultimately it is up to the choices you make. A life without any challenges would be a life without any accomplishments, without any wins.... and I'm not sure how ideal that would be.

To answer the question posed to me earlier this week, I would have to say NO... life is not boring because I know everything is going work out using the Law of Attraction. Life is not boring because I have faith. Life in fact is what I make it. Having faith gives me the courage to try new things and to know that there is a lesson in failure (which means there was not failure). The faith that allows everything to work out requires work to see the lesson, to reflect on what I am vibrating when things are not going ideally to "keep on keepin on" when the results I am getting are not the ones I thought I wanted, to trust and believe the right answers and the right direction will always be provided if I keep a positive mental attitude. It is not and has never been my job to figure out how my life is going to be ideal, it is my job to focus on what ideal is for me and then let the Law of Attraction figure out how to bring it to.

And I can not think of anything more exciting than creating your ideal life.

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