Take a Different Route

I have heard it said that salespeople should take a different route to work every once in a while, once a week or so. The reason for this is that, as they commute they may find something new. A new business or service that may at some point in the future be a client or customer or better yet may be able to provide a service to them. I think this is a great idea for everyone.

Every once in a while, even once or twice a week take a different route. And not just a different route to work, take a different route to your local grocer, to the local mall, to the dry cleaner. If you work in an office tower, take a different route to your desk. Maybe get off the elevator 2 or three floors early and walk up the stairs. You may be surprised at who you meet and can talk to on the way up, not to mention the health benefits a little extra movement can have. If you don't work in a large office building perhaps you could park a couple of blocks away from your work and walk the rest of the way. You may meet someone along the way that has some great information for you or you for them.

You have to shake things up a little bit every once in while and this is a great, easy way to do it. You may in fact find a faster, easier way to your destination that avoids traffic or construction zones. It is highly likely that the new route you take will lead to a discovery in your city or town that solves a problem you may be having or opens your eyes to new opportunity. Students going to school for a particular trade or skill may see a help wanted in a business that falls right into your line of study and you would like work at. A fresh new perspective is almost always a good thing.

Of course doing something like this take a bit of planning, you may need to leave a couple of minutes earlier in order to take the new route. Don't forget that if you feel you are too rushed to do this in the morning you can do it on your drive home from work, the store, school or wherever. Try this for a couple of weeks and see if you don't make some great discoveries.

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