I Hear You The First Time!

This is a bit of a funny story, at least for my wife and me.

A couple of years ago we were in Jamaica and I was talking with one of the members of the resort's band about what happened to be in his "coffee" mug. The band-member was an older Jamaican gentleman and very funny. He had a thick Jamaican accent and at times it was hard to pick up what he was saying, but we got along great. Anyway he told me he was drinking "Mint Tea". I kidded with him and asked if he was sure it was just "Mint Tea"? To which he simply responded "Mint Tea". We sat there for another few minutes and every time he took a sip of his "Mint Tea" he looked at me and "Mint Tea". After hearing this about 7 or 8 times I said to him (through laughter in my voice)... "I heard you the first time" and we both laughed... and laughed and laughed (his laugh was very contagious). It was just one of the moments.

The reason I tell this story is, this phrase ("I heard you the first time") has become a part of my life again and it makes me and my wife laugh every time.

You see... people seem to dwell on stuff that is not ideal in their life. I find people will complain...and complain about all that is not right with their life. But, if you really listen to them you find that they are just complaining about the same thing... over and over and over again. People are so focused on one problem and they just keep talking about it. It seems like so much is wrong with their life because they have so much to complain about. It seems like their life is upside down because they are constantly complaining. But it's really only 1 problem that they have. That's where the title of this blog comes in.

Now, when we hear people complaining about the same thing over and over again... we just look at them and say... "I heard you the first time" and then we start laughing. The point is you do not have to buy into the complaining from others. You do not have allow them to complain to you about the same thing over and over again. Protect your own Vibration by telling them that you have heard them and move on. Most people just want to be heard... acknowledge them and move on. If you've heard them complain about the same thing tell them... I heard you the first time (then laugh).

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Life is Good!!

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