It's Not Your Parents Fault

I had an amazing breakthrough with a client yesterday. In a one on one coaching session, the person kept telling me about all the feelings and issues they were having today, over situations and actions of their parents from years ago.

After much chat and a few examples I was able to show this person that it really does not matter what happened in the past. That the past should have very little affect on the present. I was able to show how the Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction are acting on the feelings they are having now.

You see... the moment you let go of all the negative from your past and start to focus on the positive of the present, you start to attract more positive to your present. If you focus on the result you want, rather than the result you may have gotten in the past you will be closer to your ideal goal. If you were held back in the past, by the beliefs of your parents, it's time to create your own new beliefs, positive beliefs.

When you blame someone or something else for you not having all you want, you give the someone or something else a lot of power. If it's their fault for your lack of success, then it's up to them to fix it. When you take responsibility for where you are and what you have, you take the power to change it onto yourself. It's not your parents fault.. it's your fault... it's your thoughts fault and you are in complete control of your thoughts so... knowing that, it's safe to say it's your fault. Now... change your thoughts and change your life.

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