A Fresh Start!

There are many people who will wake up today, look at the calendar... see it's November First and think, Whew! a fresh start! All the things that happened in October (that they wished hadn't) are now behind them. They can look at the world with a fresh outlook, a new attitude, a renewed optimism.

My question would be, Why did you wait for November 1st? People do not need a milestone like a new day, week, month or year to make a change.. to have a fresh start... to renew their optimism. The very minute you change your mindset you change the way things will unfold for you. Waiting for a milestone of any sort delays the joy you could be living right now.

I have heard people say.. when I get back from vacation I'm gonna hit the books even harder, I'm starting my new diet and exercise program on Monday, this year has not been the best for me so I'm looking so forward to 2013. Really? This is the best way to avoid success. I have asked this question before...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING... WHY ARE YOU WAITING?

Start now! Right now is the new beginning, the fresh start. Success begins when you do. It's great to celebrate a new beginning.. it's even better when you know that every minute of your life is a new beginning and you celebrate that. I'm not saying you should put on your New Year's Eve hat and blow your party horn every minute (Unless that makes you feel great). I'm saying realize that every moment is a new opportunity to get closer to your goals and dreams, regardless of what happened last month, last week or yesterday. Don't wait for tomorrow to change the direction of your life. When is NOW the right time to get started?

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