Where Are You Going?

OK I'm Back.

If you follow my blog on any kind of regular basis you would have read Sunday's blog on taking time off. As I like to live by my own rules and in fact practice what I write about on this blog, I took a couple of days off. But now it's back to doing what I live to do.

Over the weekend I took a little trip south to a place a lot warmer than it is in here in Kelowna. And as is usually the case I observed and learned from what was going on around me. It struck me that although I was headed south, many of the people on the same flight as me were not really sure where they were going or at the very least were not focused on where they were going.

Virtually everyone on the plane was dressed in jeans, winter type boots, thick winter type jackets and some even wore wool hats. The temperature at our destination was about 80 f or 25 c. I think I was the only one on the flight wearing shorts and a t-shirt. It occurred to me that everyone else in the departure lounge was focused on where they are... not where they were going.

I see this a lot when I am coaching one on one or doing a seminar. People seem to have difficulty focusing on where they are headed. Other blog postings here have touched on this, but this example struck me so, I wanted to write about it again. It's important, if you are not where you want to be in your life right now that you are ready to take on whatever is up ahead for you. Prepare for what you will experience when you get to your destination. You will have a much easier and more enjoyable time when you get there. Also you will likely get there faster if you focus on the destination. Staying focused on where you are will keep you where you are.

If your destination is the corner office, start dressing for the corner office you can even start acting as you would if you were already in the corner office. If your destination is an ideal relationship, make room in your life for an ideal relationship. If your destination is a warmer climate, dress for the warmer climate. Prepare now for the success that is coming.

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