Time Off

Every now and again, everyone needs some time off. Time to reflect on the events of their life. Time to spend with people that make them happiest or time to spend alone.

Time off from what could be the busy, chaotic world we seem to live in now. Time away from Iphones, computers, bosses and co-workers. Even if you love what you do and have a passion that drives you, and work doesn't even seem like work, you still need time away to be you.

You are not now nor will you ever be what you do. You are who you are. You are not a secretary, a salesperson or a business owner. Those things are part of your world and part of what makes you, but you are whatever you want to be.

That's why we need time off. Time to get back to us. Time to remember who we are, what we contribute just by putting a smile on our faces. Time to be what we want to be and enjoy the things in our life... that our life makes us work for. So today I'm taking time off.

That's it that's the end of the blog. I encourage YOU to take time off too.

Kenn Life is good!

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