Winners And Learners

As often as I can, I attend a meet up group here in Kelowna. At a recent meeting I heard a great saying that really holds true to a lesson I learned a long time ago. One the participants and a friend, Pam, had attended a special conference in Hawaii this year. There, she participated in several events and in one of the events they were told there are winners and there are learners. What a great life lesson... There are winner and there are learners.

You see in life there really are no loser. Those who don't win and live with a positive mental attitude realize that there are lessons in not winning. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, take the lesson and try again, try again tomorrow, next week, next year. It's all good

Take what you learned... perhaps an area you are weak in and build on that area... take areas you realized you could do better in and do better. Take skills you learned from your competitor that took first place and add them to your tool box.

Napoleon Hill said every adversity is the seed of a greater benefit. The seed is often the lesson we learn that will serve us to do better next time.

There are no loser, for those with a positive mental attitude...there are only learners.

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