Universal Pending Reports

When I give a Law of Attraction seminar or when i am working with a client one on one I often talk about the words people use and what the words you use do to influence your results. The truth is the words you use create the thoughts you think, which create the vibration you send out, which create the results you get. So the words you use have to create a good positive feeling.

This is bog is about the words people have been using for a long time and have not even realized how they apply to the Law of Attraction. When I am not helping people achieve their goals and dreams through the Law of Attraction I am helping business owners and managers navigate the crazy world of advertising. My partners and I have something we call a "Pending report". I am sure a lot of sales people use this without even realizing a pending report is much like a vision box or a vision board or a mind movie. We have a whole bunch of words we use to describe the tools we use to achieve goals.

Universal Laws, like the Law of Attraction are really unavoidable. Because they apply to us all Universally we all use them, some people use them more deliberately than others. So back to the "Pending report". basically what we do is when we talk to a client or potential client and show them the cost of an advertising campaign we put that client and the amount of the potential sale on a pending list. It's a list of what we want, what our goal is, what we have asked for and is still out there. The key is... once we have identified what we want, we have to give it attention energy and focus and believe it will happen. Just like a vision board, if we put all our goals on a vision board and then put the vision board in the attic, never paying it any mind... we will likely not get the goals that are on it. Same with a pending report, if we put a client on a pending report and never give them any more attention it's highly likely that it will stay on the pending report and never manifest.

My point i...s it really does not matter what you call your vision board, box or mind movie. It doesn't really matter what you call Universal Laws, it doesn't matter whether you call it a belief or faith. Call these tools to success whatever feels comfortable for you, because if it feels good it is... if it doesn't it's not. Call them what you want, just use them... use them everyday and watch your ideal life unfold and manifest for you.

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