Hey, I Just Cleared That Spot

I have written about this before but the evidence keeps showing up in my life and when I get evidence of how powerful the Law of Attraction is, I like to share it.

The other day my wife and I were doing some fall clean up and clean out. It's kinda like spring clean up, but the indoor version as our lives head indoor for the colder winter months. We were each working on our particular area, she, the main floor of the house and me, the workshop and work bench.

My work bench seems to be the dumping ground for all things in the house. If there is something we do not require at this time is goes on the work bench. If there is something we want to donate to a charity like the Salvation Army it goes on the work bench. If there is something broken and needs repairing it goes on the work bench. The work bench is almost always full of stuff. So full in fact that you really can't do any work on it.

Well the other day was the day, I am going to tackle the workbench... clear it off and actually make it a workable area. I started creating boxes to organize. One for donations, one for seasonal items we can bring out again next spring, one for projects that need repair. I started to see it, I could actually see the top of the bench. It is coverd with drops of dried glue and paint of several colors from project of the past, but I could see. I was making headway! I could get my work bench back! I just have to organize a few more tools that need to be put away in their proper place and throw away some of the garbage that has collected over the past few weeks and I will have a nice clean area to work.

LOL! not even maybe! Just like in business or any area of your life when you create a void it has to be filled. I worked hard to clear off that work bench, but it is still covered with stuff, more stuff. Stuff my wife wanted me to put downstairs until we could get to it and put away properly. Those few extra things that we didn't see outside in the yard as we brought in the summer things like bird houses and bird feeders.

Creating a void, whether on your work bench, or on your kitchen counter, creates space for something to fill it. You have probably seen this in your life ...you clean off a space on the kitchen counter to prepare a snack, turn around to get the ingredients from the fridge and by the time you turn around again to put your items on you clean counter, a family member has placed , school books or something else right where you were going to work. That's when you say ... "Hey, I just cleared that area! It happens all the time. That's how it is supposed to happen. Your life was meant to be full (Not messy) but full and abundant. Use this to your advantage. Create voids in your life deliberately and watch how they get filled. Keep focused on what it is that you want to fill the void. It is very difficult to get what you want if you don't make room for it. Eventually all the stuff on the work bench would have gotten to the point when it was so cluttered it would topple over. I had to clear space and clean it up as and is life it had to get filled back up. Clear out the clutter and make room for what you want. As with the work bench or kitchen counter it will fill up again.

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