Why Stop There?

The most exciting part, for me, about being a coach and facilitator of Universal laws is when the people I coach or the people in my seminars realize how much they can have when they start to deliberately attract their desires or goals. When I see that they understand the Law of Attraction.

If there where a word of the day, today it would be abundance. When you realize how abundant the world really is , it gets very exciting. I entitled this blog "why stop there"' because you can have virtually anything you want. It does not matter if what you want is many great relationships, many great life experiences or many great cars and jewels.

When setting your goals or dreams, dream big... then dream bigger... go big AND go home because you can have it all. Why stop at a 6 figure income, why stop at a 27 foot boat, why stop at a 5000 sq ft home, why stop at 1 home. A great goal is a dream vacation to your own personal paradise, a greater dream may be to travel the world and discover 100 places that are like paradise for you.

Years ago I was in an interview for a job in sales and the interviewer asked me if I was motivated by a target budget or a sales goal. I told him NO, and I could see the surprise in his face. I told him if that was my motivation I would stop when I hit it... and I was not about to do that. I always felt that sales goals set by the "Corner office" were really limiting. If the goal is too low and you have a sales person who will be satisfied with that, that is what you will get. If the goal is too high it becomes unbelievable and thus unattainable.

That is the key to setting a goal... any goal. It has to be believable to be attainable. If you do not BELIEVE you can earn more than a 6 figure income.. you likely won't... at least not until you change your belief. If you don't believe you can own more than one home, travel the world, have dozens of amazing relationships... you likely won't ... until you change your belief. People who accomplish great things have a firm belief that they can do it and that they deserve it.

So don't limit your dreams and goals, go for the big ones as big as you believe you can achieve. When you change your belief that you deserve the best and can have the best, you will achieve more. When you change your belief system and actually achieve a dream that may have once seemed "unbelievable", you will start to realize the power of belief and then, I hope, you start to wonder what else is possible if you just believe it is.

When you set your next goal... why stop there... try to stretch your belief just a little bit and then a little bit more.

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Life is good.

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