Can't We All Just Get Along

Why we don't use the knowledge we already have to fix the issues in the world is a question I wish I could answer.

Bullying has been in the news lately in a big way. There is a global movement to stop bullying. Anti-bullying rallies have been set up and thousands are participating. Governments and scholars are turning up their voices on bullying. I think it's great that we want to stop this sort of activity. When people are treated unfairly or without respect it is awful, and it affects everyone. Bullying is not a new problem it has been going on forever. In today's world however it is different from when I was in school. Now much of it done on the internet.

I do however have a problem with the way it is being address, especially because we know better. We know how to solve problems. For anyone who watched the movie "the Secret" you were reminded of Mother Theresa suggesting she would not go to an anti war rally but if there were a peace rally she would attend. That is the mindset that is needed for this issue today. We have to focus on the solution not the problem. Every time we talk about bullying we bring more attention to the problem. We can talk and talk about the problem and never even get to how to solve it.

Focusing on the solution is the beginning of the end for most any issue in life. When I coach people or give my seminars I do a comparison or contrast list. That is to figure out what you don't want so you can have clarity as to what you do want. If you don't want bullying... what do you want? It seems to me if you don't want bullying you want peace or everybody gets along or we respect one another, we want "Bullies" to have enough self confidence and self esteem that they don't have to prove themselves through physical violence or intimidation or acting out. For me those are the opposite of bullying, those are the things we should be focused on.

Coincidentally (We all know there are no coincidences right?) This Wednesday October 24th is the first ever Oneness day. A day to focus on the fact that we are all connected. Whatever happens to one of us affects the rest. It is a natural law and it is being recognized around the globe this week. This is one area we can focus on to get the solution that we seek on the issue of bullying. We need to focus on the solution not the problem. I am not telling anyone . anything they don't already know. Enough talk about the issue, let's get the solution. I would like to hear what you think would be a good way to mark Oneness day. Please send me an email or comment on here, together we will make a difference.

I have added a link to a video I think you might find interesting.

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