Change is Inevitible

I live in Kelowna BC Canada, A place that definitely has four seasons. We absolutely get Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. I am aware that most places in the world get all four seasons, but there are some, where it it hard to distinguish, because the weather is mostly the same all year round.

As we enter into fall here and the temperature dips, leaves on the trees start to change color and drop, I was think about some of the other places in the world that may just be heading into summer or another season. I started to think about all the changes that go on in the world, our own personal world and the world of others. Many times we don't know what changes other people are going through and we really need to take a step back and understand that everyone is going through some sort of change. A change in living conditions, a change in their body, age or relationships.

The nice part about learning and using Universal laws is that we can affect the changes that are happening to us. We can affect the changes that may be happening to our bodies or relationships or any area in our lives. If the changes that are happening are not ideal, it's time to make a deliberate change to what you are doing and how you are reacting to those changes. We can through a more positive attitude affect what is happening, at the very least affect how we feel about it. The Law of Attraction is always checking in to see what you are sending out, a positive or negative feeling or vibration and then matching that vibration. If we consciously change our feeling to something positive we will get more of that in return. I see evidence of this everyday.

Change is going to happen, many times we just let it happen, hopefully more often we make it happen, through our thoughts and actions. Accept the changes that are ideal, dismiss the ones that are not but remember almost all change will winds up for the better. Because without change we cannot grow, learn or experience anything new.

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