1 is the Answer

Sometimes the answers we seek are so simple that we don't even think it can be the right answer. Sometimes it just seems too simple or too easy.

I am often reminded that life was meant to be easy and ideal. Challenges may comes up, but when they do they are either there to teach us something and help us grow, or they are a sign that we are on the wrong path and must reevaluate what we are doing.

As most people know I am an Inverse paranoid, I believe the Universe is conspiring to do me good. When I have challenges come up in my life, I understand what they are and that relieves a lot of the stress or worry because I have faith it is ultimately for my good and if it's for my good it's for the good of the whole. There have been times however that tiny nagging things keep popping up, slowing down my progress and when my faith doesn't kick in right away I feel some frustration.

One silly little annoyance that has hit me lately is with my google+ page. I write my blog everyday and share the link on many different sites and social media pages. Google+ however has always been a challenge because when I attempt to paste the link it does not always give me the option to paste right away. Sometimes I have to right click 6-10 times before I finally get the option to paste. I could just simply rewrite the link but that's an inconvenience. So I have been focused on finding a solution to this "No Paste" issue. (I told you it was a silly problem) Then almost by accident (we know there are no accidents right?) I hit the Number 1 key on my keyboard just before I did the right-click with my mouse. The paste option came up right away. If I started to right in the update box before I right-click my mouse it give me the option right away. I have been struggling with the problem for weeks/ months and the solution was so easy. Now there may be another solution and some computer whiz likely has another answer, but this solution works for me.

Sometime we over-think things, Life was meant to easy and ideal and abundant, Determine what you want clearly, give it attention, energy and focus and believe have faith the Universe is here to help (Even by accident) and you will have all your desire.

Please share this with your entire social circle. Kenn

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