Wishes vs Definiteness of Purpose

I wish I could! I have heard that a lot this week and it's funny to me because if the people that have said a to me knew what I have been "Lucky' enough to discover, they would not be wishing at all. The Law of Attraction is all about wishes or goals, but it just takes them one step further. I am conducting a seminar in Kelowna Today and have invited many people in my social circle to attend. It has received a great response and it has also received many response of I WISH I COULD.

Here's the thing... Wishes are great, I wish for things all the time, But wishes not backed backed by action or passion are just wishes. I Know, like I Know, like I Know, that if you truly deeply wish for something you can do it. When you take your wish and turn it to definiteness of purpose, it becomes all consuming... it is all you can think about, you Will find a way to make your wish or goal come true. I believe wishing can be the launching point to great success, but it is just a launching point. When you want something bad enough you will not let anything get in your way. Not your loved ones, not your job, not even physical distance.

I encourage you to wish, but also be realistic... do you truly wish you can do, be or have whatever your wish is. If so, turn it into a definite purpose. Launch from your wish (and something that would nice to have) to something that you will not live without. The power that comes from taking a wish to fruition feeds the next wish and the next wish. When this starts to happen you become unstoppable and begin to manifest all your wishes, some will come automatically others you will need you to put your passion behind.

If you wish is just a wish, move it further back on your priority list and take and use your attention energy and focus on the thing you really want the thing you really wish for. Wasting energy on a wish washy wish will always distract you from your true desire and your true desire will take linger to manifest. So I you truly wish to find out more Come to my seminar in Kelowna Tonight.. check the events page and register now.

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