Hang on to your Dream

The other day one of my coaching clients was talking to me about a dream job. The dream job was in fact the job she was currently doing. Several years ago she was in a job that was not very rewarding, did not have any real future and was not fulfilling. I had in fact encouraged her to follow her dream, follow her passion. When the writing on the wall became clear that changes were happening at her current employ she took the plunge and is now living her dream, working her dream.

It is not always easy to live your dream, or work your dream job. As an independent contractor in her chosen field things can sometimes slow down and the money can start to decrease. There can be pressure from all sides to look for something that is more consistent and pays a better wage. There can be pressure from creditors and family to stop living in a "fantasy world" and get a regular job. It's during these times that your faith will be tested.

Do you have faith in yourself, in your ability, in your choice? Many people have been where she is, when the doubt starts to creep in. This is the time to dig deepest and really grab onto your faith in the choices you've made. I have seen many people quit when this happens. It turns out that in many of these cases success was just around the corner, just about to happen. The big opportunity was right there, but because the person gave up and didn't turn the corner, the success that was waiting for them was never visible. Faith conquers all fear and doubt.

Hang on to your dreams, just hang on a little longer... your big opportunity will come. It has to, the Universe is conspiring to do you good. You have determined your desire... you have given it attention, energy and focus and you believe. It's always too soon to quit. I have seen people invest in their dream in time, money and energy and then give it up, sell off everything they had purchased to get them to their goal and then just weeks later a big opportunity comes along and they are no longer equipped to take advantage of it. I applaud those who take a dream and run with it. It's always darkest before the dawn, so if things seem dark, know they are about to brighten up.

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