IF You Keep Doing What You're Doing....

I'm not sure who first this but it makes perfect sense. If you keep doing what you're doing, you will keep getting what you're getting.

Although I am very happy that each and everyone visits my sites and reads my (hopefully) motivating thoughts and life lessons, I wondered what would happened if I changed what I was doing.. would I get a different result. I am, under normal circumstances up at 5:30am everyday to work on my blog site. I like to get a motivational quote out first thing and then from there I go ahead and write my blog entry. As you know, just about everyday life lessons are presented to me as I am sure they are for you. I am very aware of what the universe is trying to tell me through the people I meet, events that happen and situations I get into.

If you keep doing what you are doing... This quote popped into my head yesterday, so I changed my routine. I am writing this blog post at 8pm. Although today's visits to my site went down slightly (so far) with the later blog post it will be interesting to see if it bounces back or does even better with an evening post. I wanted a different result. I want even more visitors to my blog... I am sure I will get one. I will let you know.

But this blog has always been about something for you to learn too. So take one thing that you are currently doing that is not producing the exact result you want and change the way you do it. Do it at a different time, do it from a different place, do it with someone else. To change the results your getting you have change the actions you are taking... even in some small way.

Then if you start getting better results keep on that path until you want a different result again. Once you make a slight change and start getting the result in one area of your life it will spill over into other areas of your life. If you see positive results in one area then move to another and make another small change and watch for bigger, better result. I love the way that works.

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