Lessons From American Politics

Being Canadian, I'm not a big fan of American politics, at least not a fan of the way it is pushed on us through the media. I am sure we in Canada cover the American election to a much greater degree than the Americans cover our politics. That said, there is one big lesson I have learned from the politicians commercials and coverage we get here.

I watch these commercials from the politicians and it's interesting how much they focus on the person they don't want people to vote for. One politicians message will talk about all the things they believe their competitor has done that was wrong, or not good for the people. They give example after example of the way their competitors voted on important issue to the community and country. They mention their competitors name over and over again in an advertisement meant to promote themselves. This is such a poor way or getting your word out.

You see to a certain degree people are creatures of habit. We like things that are familiar to us. The root word of Familiar is family. Things that are familiar feel more like family. So when these politicians repeatedly talk about their competitors, mentioning their names over and over again... even if it is with a negative reference, people get more familiar with their competitor. Often the only mention of who the advertisement is for is at the end and only once, while the competitor's name was mentioned several times.

Here's what happens with this type of advertising... people will go to the polls and check off the box of the person they are familiar with.. the person that feels like family. The whole things seems backwards to me. If American politicians want too be elected they need to focus on getting people familiar with them, have their name front and center.

We know that people get whatever they give their attention, energy and focus. So give it to yourself. You rarely see a successful business mention their competitors, although some car manufacturers do this. " More leg room than...? " A successful auto manufacturer would say... "Most leg room in it's class..." and not mention another manufacturer.

Give your attention to what you want and watch how quickly it comes. Give it to what you you don't want and watch how quickly it comes.

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