If you Don't Mind

We have all heard the saying mind over matter and also the saying if you don't mind it don't matter. Here what I get from that saying.

When it comes to Universal Laws and the Law of Attraction it is absolutely true. If you don't mind it, it don't matter. If you give your desire or goal no mind, it will not matter it will not manifest. Conversely the more of your mind you give to your desire or goal the more it will matter.

Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich, lays out 17 principles of success. One of the things he mentions in his book is to keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don't. Many people believe the Universal Laws are something new that were just discovered. In fact they have been around a long time Think and Grow rich was first Published in 1937. That's 75 years ago, and these Laws existed way before then. In fact these Laws have always existed... it just takes time for people to understand them.

Once people started to mind the Laws they started to use them deliberately to achieve great successes. You've likely heard it said "change your mind, change your life" . It's true. Once you change your mind to more positive things in your life you will notice more positive things in your life. If you don't you won't. It seems pretty simple and in fact it is.

The question to ask yourself is ... Do you mind? Do you mind giving attention to your goals? Do you mind keeping happy thoughts? Do you mind having a positive mental attitude? Or do you mind the negative things in your life? It has to be one or the other and you are in control of what it is your mind, your thoughts.

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