No Fault

I have many clients that get hung up, trying to figure out who or what is to blame for the things that are not ideal in their life. Tracking down who or what it to blame for those events is a total waste of time and energy.

What they need to know is the reason they are trying to assign blame. When someone tries to assign balme they assume that the thing happened is not good. We rarely assign blame to things that go well in our life. In fact most of us will take credit when things go well and look to assign balme when it doesn't.

Here's where I think blame comes from. A lack of faith. Again when I speak of faith I am not refering to religion, just simply Faith. When we have faith and a true understanding of Universal Laws, like the Law of Attraction or the Law of Polarity, we know that there is a reason for all things. And for every adversity there is an equal or greater benefit. Understanding the Universe is working to do you good, having true faith in that, means there can be no blame, because there is something better that will arise from a situation that may seem negative now. Faith conquers fear and it also conquers fault.

When something you never expected or something that appears negative happens to you or someone you love, have faith that there is a reason for that. Having faith requires patience as it may take a while for the answer to reveal itself. Keep the faith and believe it has an equal or greater benefit means instead of looking to blame someone or something... you can own the event and take credit for it. If you balme someone else you will also have to give them create when the benefit is revealed. Owning it is where true power comes from. Own your experiences good and (perceived) bad things. When you can own that your experiences are a result of your thoughts and actions, then if they are not ideal... you have the power to change them with your thoughts and actions. Keep the Faith, be postive, stay positive and the positive will reveal itself. ...Because you are to blame so take the credit.

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