Limited Time Offer

The title of this blog is something I see in advertising all the time. Furniture stores, electronic stores and car dealers all use this in their advertising to get you to believe there is a sense of urgency. Truth is, in most cases it is not true... because as we have all experienced there is another limited time offer, from the same business or a competing business next week. There is however one limited time offer that is true.


I am writing this blog 1 week after my wife and I lost our cat. In the past I have written about some of lessons our cat "Delilah" has taught me. Now, for many, the loss of a cat is not such a big deal... but for my wife and I it is, because we have never had children and this was kinda our kid. Delilah was about 18 years old and we had her for 15 years. I know it's hard to understand for some, but you will have to take my word for it she was family.

Anyway... even in her passing she has taught me another lesson. I suppose everyone handles these things differently and that is certainly the case for my wife and me. You see, now that the cat is gone I think about all the things that will never happen again. The time we did spend together, the funny things the cat did, the laughter it brought my wife. My wife "Paddy" on the other hand is missing the cat dearly and is upset with all the things she wish she would have done with the cat before we lost her. She thinks about our vacation time and how if we hadn't gone she could have had two more weeks with our cat. She thinks about how if she didn't go to the gym or out for her run she could have had a couple more hours a day with Delilah. Although she is happy she did take vacations and go to the gym, to a certain degree she regrets having done them over spending more time with the cat.

I have heard that people, when they are about to pass will have greater regret about the things they didn't do when they had the chance.... than they will over anything they did. This, to me, is very powerful... as life is the ultimate limited time offer. Our spirits may go on... we may even experience reincarnation I don't now about those things. What I do know is that right now, the way you are, the person you have become, the abilities you have, you have a limited time offer.

This is one limited time offer you will want to take advantage of because there is likely not going to be another one. Not for you... the way you are today. Purchasing a new clock does get you more time.. it just gets you another clock.

Our cat had 18 years, we had 15 years to enjoy her. You have been given an offer. To live life to the fullest, experience all the things you want to experience... accumulate all the things you want to accumulate, meet all the people you want to meet before you are gone.

It's a limited tme offer!

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