Lessons From A Spider

My wife has a fear of spiders... mostly the big wolf spiders that find their way into the house. It has started to happen more now, because its's getting colder and the spiders head indoors.

But for some strange reason there is one spider at our house that she is not afraid of. It has set up shop, built it's web right at the peak of the entrance to our house. It is not on the inside so I guess that makes it ok. It is a fairly large spider, with a body about the size of a 25 cent coin and then the legs make it even bigger. I have to admit it creeps me out a bit but my wife is not afraid and so we have not knocked down it's web.

It's web is huge and like any smart creature it set its web in an area that would get it a lot of food. It is right in front of the light ... that lights up our front door area. This is one smart spider as when we turn the light on... flying insects are attracted to the light and get caught in the web...for the spider to consume later. Now this spider (although I'm sure it has a very small brain) had enough smarts to set up in the perfect location to attract what it wants and live an ideal life (for a spider). It is also in a place that would be difficult for predators to get to it. It's somewhat hidden from open view, so birds would have a difficult time getting it.

So it got me thinking. Where do most people set up their web. Do you make sure to be in the right place at the right time. Have you built a web in a place that will catch everything you need for an ideal life. It's funny to think that many things in nature have actually figured out how to do this and many people still struggle with it. It's important to make sure that you have set up the right conditions to get what you want. To use the tools I share with you here to build your web. Use the tools I share here to attract what it is you need... and make to make sure you avoid the predators that will distract or take you away from your goal.

Determine what it is you want, give it attention energy and focus and believe you can have it. Build you web and start now.

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