Everyone Has A Story

Your successes are awesome!

I hear more and more about people who overcome tremendous odds and go onto to live amazing lives. I hear of people having near death experiences. I hear of people surviving in the wilderness for days months and years on nothing but berries and nuts. I hear of people losing 200 or 300 or 1000 pounds and having great lives afterwards. All of these things are amazing and many of theses stories are inspiring and motivational. I am inspired by many of them and I know they give others hope that anything is possible.

What this particular blog is about is your story. Your story is just as awesome! We all have a different story and different struggles in life and just that fact your are still here is proof that you have the same will and power to overcome whatever life may give you as a challenge. Your challenge may not be to lose 1000 pounds, but if your challenge is to lose 10 or 15 and you do it, you are experiences great success. Will the media call and do a story on you and celebrate your own personal 10 pound victory in front of the world... probably not, but it does not diminish the magnitude of your own personal Victory. If you have been able to make a comfortable living and provide all the things you and your loved ones need for a good life, that is a great success. Will a large corporation call you and ask you to speak at their AGM and tell all the staff how you have etched out a good living... Probably not but you have done a great thing.

Real stories of real people overcoming everyday problems and situations are just as inspirational as those big overblown stories in the media. Everyone has overcome tremendous odds just to be here and to stay here. Everyone has an inspiring story of things they have overcome to be where they are. For everyone that has not given up, who has faced the troubles and succeeded, you have stuck it out searched for the cure, overcome the pain, and got what you set out to get... I am inspired by you. Keep going! You really do have an amazing story to tell.

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