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I am finding amazing examples of how Universal Laws work to get you more of what you want. If you have followed my blog for while you will remember that by the end of August I had tripled to number of people who were visiting and reading my blog. I have been uploading motivational quotes for more than a year and had a consistent but not very large number of people people visit my site everyday. On July 5 I started to blog, really blog, with more content. I gave myself a challenge at the end of August to put even better content and grow my hits even higher.

I am happy to report, and am grateful, that I have done what I set out to do. For the month of September I achieve 4 times the number of hits that I did in June. I use June as the marker because July started the real blogging. But that is not the real impressive part for me. I get a consistent number of people visiting and reading my blog during the week... weekends it drops off. I imagine people are busy with family and other commitments and feel they can catch up on Monday. I am grateful for everyone of them and am hopeful that in some small way I help.

My goal was to reach 5 times the number of reads for the Month of September. As we headed into the last weekend of the month I had not idea how I would do it. The numbers were good but the last two days of the month were a weekend, when readership drops off. As we entered Sunday I needed more reads for a Sunday than I had ever gotten. It seemed impossible, bu

t I had put it out there.. I knew what I wanted, I gave lots of attention and believed I could do it. So I loaded up my blog post and waited. Went about my day checking back at the numbers, checking again and again. At about 3 pm I checked and there was all of a sudden a spike in the number of reads. Not the number of visitors but the number of reads... the pages viewed. A big spike. A spike that took me to more reads on a Sunday than I had ever received. I did it!!! You did it!!! I don't know how but it happened. And you know what ... I didn't need to know how... I just needed to believe.

This not only provided evidence of the Law of Attraction.. but also served as a reminder to me that if you believe it will happen... knowing how it will happen is far less important then believing it will happen.

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