2 Things You Are Wholly Responsible For.

1. Your Happiness. Yep it's true! Because everything in life is a result of the choices you have made, So is your happiness. The choices you make in the activities you do, the places you go, the people you meet, the emotions you feel. They are all a result of the choices you have made. So how do you choose happiness. Sometimes it may feel like you are not in control of it... but the truth is... as you have heard before it's not what happens to you that matters it's how you react to what happens to you that matters.

You may have lost your job, and on the surface for many that may be a very sad thing, but for you because you didn't like your co-workers or boss... it's not sad at all. You may in fact be celebrating the fact that your boss gave the kick in the @ass you needed to live your dream get you dream job, take your dream vacation or move to your dream location. It's all how YOU look at it.

2. Your unhappiness. Yep it's true! You are also wholly responsible for how unhappy you are. It depends on the choice you make on what aspect of the events that unfolding in your life you are going to focus on. If (using the previous example) you focus on the fact that your boss let you go, he didn't like you, none of your co-workers stood up for you so they obviously don't like you etc. etc. That could make you very unhappy.

If as in the 1st example you decide to find the positives in the events of your life you can choose to be happy. The universal Law of Polarity governs what can be called the good and bad in the world. Although as this whole post is about good and bad is subjective and depends on how you CHOOSE to perceive things. You cannot have a top without a bottom, a left without a right, a high tide without low tide, A north pole without a south pole, positive without a negative. But you can choose to focus on the positive. Do that!!!

I have said it before as Anthony Robbins says. all unhappiness is cause by comparison... so is all happiness.

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