As we continue to slide into fall and September winds down I started to think about October, Lots happens in October, in fact one of my favorite days of the year falls in October, Thanksgiving. A day Governments have set aside to show your gratitude and give thanks... thant's how important gratitude is.

I have started to receive email messages about "Rocktober" events being put on at local bars and sponsored by the local radio station. I have received Octoberfest emails about celebrations happening around town. I even received one for a Jimmy Buffett website called "Sharktoberfest" ( I may even take in some of the Sharktober events). I thought it was time we had an October event that might bring people together in a manner that does not involve Rockin out or drinking like crazy, but could actually make life better in the long term.

Talktober came to mind. It seems to me that talking is becoming a lost form of communication. I have a few things for sale on a local classified site here in Kelowna and the other day I received a phone call about a 5 dollar lamp I have for sale. The robotic message started "this is a text to land line message" and went on to ask if the item was still available.

A text to land line message!? The item was so important to the person that they couldn't even call and ask, they had to text. It seems more and more people tell me to "text the information or email the details". I do understand that this form of communication is less complicated and in a busy world it can be faster but I also think we are losing touch with a simple basic skill of communication... Talking. I would suggest that most people with a cell phone have more texting minutes than they do actually talking minutes. The younger generation will even text each other while sitting at the same table in a restaurant.

I think we need to talk more, put away the keyboard, book a face to face meeting and actually talk. Talk about the weather, talk about your goals and dreams, share some great experience you had. Share a perceived problem you have in order to find a solution.

I would challenge you to pick up your phone, call someone you have not talked to... (really talked to... not texted or emailed)... make an appointment for a coffee or beverage and talk face to face. Or get a group together and sit down and reflect on your week. I promise you will get so much more out of actually human contact than you could ever get from an email or text. The extra time invested in face to face talking is well worth it.

I would also challenge you to pass this along to anyone you know that is a texting addict or email addict and ask them to take the TALK-TOBER challenge.

Please share this with your entire social network on facebook, twitter and g+ or whatever networks you use and then call them and talk to them.

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