No Problem Mon

Jamaica is one of my favorite places (so far) on the planet. I have a lot more exploring to do, but of the places I have been lucky enough to visit, Jamaica is one of the best.

They have a phrase in Jamaica that many people know of..NO PROBLEM MON!. There is a whole marketing campaign around this one phrase. You can buy t-shirt, hats and just about anything else with this emblazoned on it. It's a great way of thinking and for the most part is true.

There really are no problems, just opportunities. In Fact I can almost guarantee you that in this life time you will not have a problem that someone else has not already solved one way or another. The thing to learn from this is... there is likely a solution out there already. You just have to ask. Ask enough people. You have heard of the 7 degrees of separation and I have written about here on my blog. The latest study of the principle suggests that there are only 5 degrees of separation. That is... you are only 5 people away from meeting whoever you want to meet. So ask... ask 5 people and chances are you are going to be closer to finding the person that has the answer to your problem.

In finding that solution to your problem you will have meet a whole lot of people that may solve other problems for you or that you may be able to help solve one of theirs.

As there is already a solution to your perceived problem then really there is ... NO PROBLEM MON!

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